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IGBM Index Family

The family of IGBM indices is divided into two collectives of series of indices: the first relates to all the series of Indices of Prices and, the second, are profitability indices (i.e. taking into account reinvestments in the same stocks at the very time when dividends are distributed and capital increases take place).

Price indices:


B) Sectorial and subsectorial indices:

1. Petrol and Power

1.1 Petrol
1.2 Electricity and Gas
1.3 Water and others

2. Basic Mat., Industry and Construction

2.1 Mineral, Metal and Transformation
2.2 Manufac. & Assembly of Capital Goods
2.3 Construction
2.4 Construction Materials
2.5 Chemical
2.6 Engineering and others
2.7 Aerospace

3. Consumer Goods

3.1 Food and Beverage
3.2 Textiles, Clothing and Shoes
3.3 Paper and Graphic Arts
3.4 Car
3.5 Pharmacy Products and Biotechnology
3.6 Other Consumer Goods


4. Consumer Services

4.1 Leisure, Tourism and Hotel Industry
4.2 Retailing
4.3 Communication and Publicity
4.4 Transport and Distribution
4.5 Car Parks and Motorways
4.6 Other Services


5. Financial Services and Real Estate

5.1 Banks
5.2 Insurance
5.3 Portfolio and Holding
5.4 Real Estate and Others
5.5 Investment Services


6. Technology and Telecommunications

6.1 Telecommunications and Others
6.2 Electronics and Software
6.3 Technological Hardware and Equipment

Profitability Indices:

A) Total IGBM

B) Total Sectorial and subsectorial indices:

7. Total Petrol and Power Index

7.1 Total Petrol Index
7.2 Total Electricity and Gas Index
7.3 Total Water and others Index

8. Total Basic Mat., Industry and Construction Index

8.1 Total Mineral, Metal and Transformation Index
8.2 Total Manufac. & Assembly of Capital Goods Index
8.3 Total Construction Index
8.4 Total Construction Materials Index
8.5 Total Chemical Index
8.6 Total Engineering and others Index
8.7 Total Aerospace Index

9. Total Consumer Goods Index

9.1 Total Food and Beverage Index
9.2 Total Textiles, Clothing and Shoes Index
9.3 Total Paper and Graphic Arts Index
9.4 Total Car Index
9.5 Total Pharmacy Products and Biotechnology Index
9.6 Total Other Consumer Goods Index


10. Total Consumer Services Index

10.1 Total Leisure, Tourism and Hotel Industry Index
10.2 Total Retailing Index
10.3 Total Communication and Publicity Index
10.4 Total Transport and Distribution Index
10.5 Total Car Parks and Motorways Index
10.6 Total Other Services Index


11. Total Financial Services and Real Estate Index

11.1 Total Banks Index
11.2 Total Insurance Index
11.3 Total Portfolio and Holding Index
11.4 Total Real Estate and Others Index
11.5 Total Investment Services Index
11.10 SOCIMI


12. Total Technology and Telecommunications Index

12.1 Total Telecommunications and Others Index
12.2 Total Electronics and Software Index
12.3 Total Technological Hardware and Equipment Index



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