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Ercros is an industrial group that is diversified into three business areas: chlorine related business group, which includes the divisions of basic chemicals and plastics, and is presented as a strategic business unit whose common link is chlorine; the intermediate chemicals division, focused on the chemistry of formaldehyde, product from which all other products from its portfolio are made up, and the division of pharmacy, dedicated to the manufacture of active pharmaceutical ingredients ("APIs")

Ercros share capital, fully subscribed and paid, now totals EUR 34.23 million and is represented by 114.09 million shares.

The company conducts its production activities in the context of a voluntary commitment made on behalf of its facilities security and people’s health, made on the respect for the environment, the quality of its products and the dialogue and transparency in relation to the society.

In 2015, the production volume of the group was 2.13 million tons of products, turnover rose to EUR 618.27 million and gross operating income ("EBITDA") amounted to EUR 32.62 million. The average workforce of 2015 was 1,369 people, distributed in 11 production centres.

 The PVC was the bestselling product of the group’s portfolio, followed by caustic soda and paraformaldehyde. These three products account for 35% of total sales.

Ercros maintains a leading position in the major markets in which operates and supplies a wide range of industries: chemical, construction, wood, paints, food, pharmaceuticals, electrical equipment, water treatment, etc. 

 The company exports nearly half of its sales (49%) and markets in 108 countries, mainly from the European Union. 

The products of the intermediate chemicals division (formaldehyde and derivatives thereof) and pharmacy division represent a significant share of the world market. With paraformaldehyde, the group holds the leading position in the world ranking. Also, the group is the market leader in fusidic acid and fosfomycins.

 In Europe the group is the sales leader in the market of chloroisocyanurates for water treatment in swimming pools and in Spain leads the sales of caustic soda, caustic potash, sodium hypochlorite, sodium chlorate, formaldehyde, pentaerythritol and moulding compounds, and is the second agent at PVC and glues and resins market.

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