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Services Bilbao Stock Exchange

The evolution observed on the stock markets as of late, obliges Stock Exchanges to go beyond the traditional role they have played exclusively as trading centres. They have to become genuine service companies whose objective is to satisfy their clients' and users' needs by offering value added services.

Since it was founded, the Bolsa de Bilbao has followed this line of action and put a lot of effort into this approach. This has given rise to an extensive range of permanently updated and improved services.


Trading Services

Bilbao Stock Exchange provides the investment community with the necessary infrastructure to trade in any of the markets and systems which currently exist:

  • Spanish Stock Exchanges Interconnection System
  • Fixed Income and Registered Debt Electronic System
  • Traditional or Open Outcry System (Parquet)
  • Second Market
  • Basque Public Debt
  • MAB
Open Market 10.30 to 11.30
Close Market 11.30


Special services in complex financial operations

  • Takeover Bids
  • Public Offering
  • Splits
  • Mergers
  • Corporate Takeovers
  • Reinvestment of Dividends
  • Others




Market Supervision

Bilbao Stock Exchange is intensely involved in market supervision work. This consists of ensuring the correct application of the in force legislation by buyers and sellers, members and listed companies, as well as channeling their suggestions and concerns to other agencies involved in the sector (CNMV, Sociedad de Bolsas (Responsible for the interconnected system), SCLV, Banco de España, Legislative Bodies, etc.) with which the Bolsa de Bilbao maintains close contacts.

Likewise, Bilbao Stock Exchange actively participates in all operational or legal developments in the sector, by taking part in many commissions and discussion fora.


Information and Documentation Services

  • Screens on the trading floor
  • Daily listing and relevant events bulletin
  • Web page


Other Services for Members of Bilbao Stock Exchange

  • Specific training for traders of member firms (brokers & dealers)
  • Information and consulting services of operational or legal innovations which might affect their activity (Euro, Y2K, etc.)
  • Trading boutiques on the trading floor
  • Availability of the Bolsa's premises for holding ceremonies, assemblies and other events.


Issuer Services

  • New Quotes on the stock exchange
  • Operation and prospectus design collaboration
  • Facilitate processing of report before the CNMV
  • Act as interlocutor with other stock exchanges
  • Coordinate quotation process on stock exchange
  • Consulting on technical processing issues
  • Reception of buy orders, pro-ratas, allotment of shares, execution of orders, etc.
  • Presentation of the operation in the Bolsa de Bilbao assembly hall (roadshow)
  • Upkeep of Shareholder Register Book
  • Support in new equity related operations
  • Public presentations


Services for the Financial Community

  • Organisation of training courses, seminars, company presentations and other institutional events
  • Collaboration with Universities and investment clubs
  • Presentations at the Exchange for schools, universities and other learning centres
  • Trading floor open to the public, with real time information
  • Access to the various institutions of which Bilbao Stock Exchange is a member




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